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Jeremy Suggs

Download Subtitles for Game of Thrones Season 1 in All Languages

The game of thrones was one of the most famous and successful series all over the world, it was praised by historians, audience, and television critics because of its portrait of medieval realism. The writer wrote the story in an expression that led it towards more historical fiction than fantasy, he focused more on battles and emphasis less on magic, characters and political intrigue.

Hello, I recently went through and transferred my GOT blu rays to my pc and needed the non-English subtitles when converting the raw files to mp4. I did not create the actual subtitle files for seasons 1-3. I corrected some timings and translations to make them the best that I could. I could not find the non-English part subtitles for seasons 4 and 5 so I had to make my own. I had great difficulty finding quality subtitle files and like I said I even had to make my own for some of them. I just felt I should share my work so other people don't have to deal with the same struggle.

subtitle download game of thrones season 1

Sorry guys, major apologies for the delay. This semester seriously kicked my ass. There were actually only 4 episodes with non English parts for season 7 but I like to be very thorough (watch once through and make note of parts that need subtitles, create and sync the subtitle files, and then watch again to make sure there aren't any I missed and that the ones I made are synced correctly) Big thanks to ryderR1 for providing the season 7 subtitles as well! They seem to be correct and complete! I combined the subs I had already done with the ones he/she provided and updated the mediafire link in my original post with the season 7 non English subs both in an individual file and added on to the complete zip as well. Enjoy! (And let me know if anyone finds any issues with them. Just to reiterate, they are synced with the US blu-ray rips).

The timings match up just fine - I added the subtitle file using Subler on my MacBook, I added the subs, not realising the download I'd sourced for the video had them burnt in, so I ended up with two sets on screen, then had to remove the subs I'd added. But for anyone without burnt in forced English subs on their copies - the above should do just fine.


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