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Jeremy Suggs

Tdu 2 Unlock Code Ve Serial Number [Extra Quality]

STEP 2: Activate with the Unlock CodeUse the Unlock Code received in Step 1 above to unlock your game. To enter the Unlock code, first click on the "Activate Manually" button within the game on your computer (see below):

tdu 2 unlock code ve serial number

There is, all you have to do is contcat digital river, give them the computer number that is shown on the bottom of the activation screen, and they will give you a code made just for that computer. I had to do it twice already because of the stupid digital river asking for activation codes.

10. For players with the Steam version of the game - go to the folder where TDU2 is installed and check if you have a file named 'key.txt'. If you do not, create the file and enter your unique serial number for the game in the format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX


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