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Jeremy Suggs
Jeremy Suggs

Bubble Snooker 1.2: A Game that Will Keep You Hooked for Hours with its CRACK and PORTABLE Features

Purchased a SNES for my kids last year and it was easily one of the best purchases I've made. The casual look of the game was a hit, and it had great bells and whistles like The Legend of Zelda and Mario 64. My kids loved playing it. It is a very simple installation and setup, and worked right out of the box. The only hiccup I experienced was a missing screen, but was easily fixed by a friend who had one lying around. If you want a gift that will get a kids attention and love, buy them this! It's a super fun game to play and it doesn't take much time at all to set up. Highly recommended.

Bubble Snooker 1.2 - CRACK - PORTABLE - PC the game

The service was really quick, I received my order and the packaged was really good. All the games were wrapped in good looking packaging and there was even a bag for the charger for my phone. I was really surprised with the package.

Great kit. Works a treat, but like the hacker said below, not fully compatible. Games like Super Mario Kart don't work, but the games work and are playable. A couple of grumbles, games like Starfox and Donkey Kong Country don't show right. There are neat tricks that can be done with it. For Nintendo games, to get the in-game graphics to run, copy the (info.n64) to the root of the SD card and load it, it helps. It also contains icons for icons. And TMNT 1 & 2 aren't fully compatible. Never got TMNT 3 to work. Here's a link to the instructions for installing the games and drivers:

Awesome kit, the sales pitch was spot on. I was able to mod the PC and get some Sega games running properly, no mater how new they were. The instructions were also very clear. I think it was well worth the money and I actually sold the wireless controller I bought. Anyway here are some videos about installing this awesome kit:


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