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Jeremy Suggs
Jeremy Suggs

Common, Like Water For Chocolate [2021] Full Album Zip

Outside the kitchen, Tita follows the demanding regimen that Mama Elena sets for her daughters. Life is full of cooking, cleaning, sewing, and prayer. This routine is interrupted one day by Tita's timid announcement that a suitor, Pedro Muzquiz, would like to pay her a visit. Mama Elena greets this announcement with indignation, invoking the De La Garza family tradition that the youngest daughter is to remain unmarried so that she can care for the matriarch in the matriarch's old age. Tita is dismayed by this rigid tradition. Outwardly, she submits to Mama Elena's wishes, but privately she questions the family tradition and maintains her feelings for Pedro. The next day, Pedro and his father arrive at the house unannounced to ask for Tita's hand. Mama Elena refuses this marriage proposal, offering instead the hand of her second daughter, Rosaura.

Common, Like Water For Chocolate full album zip



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