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Learn New Tools and Techniques for Quality Improvement with the Quality Toolbox by Nancy R. Tague

Although there are many non-ISO quality management system standards, the ISO 9001 is the most common quality management system standard. While most quality management systems like to borrow the letters of ISO 9000, they are completely different in concept and execution. ISO 9001 is a process-oriented model that focuses on how to plan, implement, and control the processes that are the lifeblood of a business. This book will show you the concepts that make ISO 9001 a proven standard that has been used around the world to improve processes for more than 40 years.

Quality Toolbox By Nancy R. Tague.pdf

In many IT projects there are competing objectives: get the project done on time, use the most cost-effective resources, meet the needs of the customer, and provide the quality of the output. Where do you take your project? Do you plan and execute a large, monolithic project? Or do you start small, make incremental improvements, and build up your project as you go? The overall project is only as good as its weakest link. This book will show you how to break the project down into many smaller projects to help you gain control of your budget, time, and customer, and to help you answer the question: Is this even a project?

Software development is an iterative process. New requirements arise, so you must improve and re-engineer your software, as your business and technology change. The software industry doesn t reward its developers with the concepts of planning or metrics. That is, we are expected to come up with a solution, build it, and hope that it meets the customer s needs. But customer expectations are changing, and the impact of that change is growing. The use of agile development techniques is one approach to coping with the changing landscape of customer expectations and technological capability. But the success of an agile approach is not a single-minded focus on improving project delivery, but instead a set of cultural and behavioral attitudes. This book will show you how to change the attitudes of your project team, and thereby enable them to deliver projects as defined by the customer and with the desired quality.

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