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Avast Secureline VPN License 56: Is It Worth Your Money and Privacy?

when you first install avast secureline vpn, youll see a box asking for your avg online security subscription. some time after you sign in, itll show you a second box asking for your avg online payment subscription.

Avast Secureline Vpn License 56

immediately after subscribing to the avg online security portal, i received an email from avast stating that my new subscription had automatically activated avast secureline. i was then asked to download and install the program.

as for speeds, avast claims its client can hit download speeds of up to 42mbps, as well as uploads speeds up to 25mbps. speed tests (run repeatedly until you get results you like) claim that avast secureline vpn uses openvpn 2.0 which can theoretically use the most secure encryption. the tor bridge network allows you to select the ip address of a tor exit node which will allow you to bypass censorship.

if youre not already doing so, you should read avast secureline vpns privacy policy before subscribing. contrary to some vpns, you cant choose which data to hide if you want to keep all your information safe. while it doesnt get into specifics, the firm generally only keeps data about you if youre in breach of its tos. it also keeps record of your support interactions.

the system doesnt store your personal information or save data about your session. instead, it simply logs connection times, your server selection, and download speeds. the download speed is reported in bps and kilo-bytes per second. the line charts in the speed test are updated in real-time as your download speeds are updated.

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