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How to Download the Complete Discography of Rocío Dúrcal in One Click

If you are a fan of Rocío Dúrcal, the Spanish singer and actress who became the Queen of Rancheras in Mexico, you might want to have all her albums and songs in your device. But how can you do that without spending hours searching and downloading each file separately? The answer is simple: you can download the complete discography of Rocío Dúrcal in one click with a RAR file.


Who is Rocío Dúrcal?

Rocío Dúrcal was born as María de los Ángeles de las Heras Ortiz in Madrid, Spain, on October 4, 1944. She began her artistic career by participating in various radio song festivals and competitions, secretly supported by her paternal grandfather, who always believed in her talent. In 1959, she won a television contest and caught the attention of a manager who helped her launch her film and music career.

Her first film was Canción de Juventud (1962), which was a huge success in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. She starred in several musical comedies and recorded songs for her movies. She also performed duets with singers like Enrique Guzmán, Palito Ortega, and Amalia de Isaura.

In 1970, she married Antonio Morales, a singer and producer known as Junior. They had three children: Carmen, Antonio, and Shaila, who also became a singer.

How did Rocío Dúrcal become the Queen of Rancheras?

In 1977, Rocío Dúrcal met Juan Gabriel, a Mexican singer-songwriter who offered her to record his songs in the ranchera genre, a traditional style of Mexican music. She accepted the challenge and recorded her first album with him, Rocío Dúrcal canta a Juan Gabriel (1977), which was a smash hit in Mexico and Latin America. She continued to collaborate with Juan Gabriel for more than two decades, releasing 10 albums together and selling millions of copies worldwide.

Some of her most famous songs with Juan Gabriel are "Amor Eterno", "Costumbres", "Fue Un Placer Conocerte", "La Gata Bajo La Lluvia", "Me Gustas Mucho", and "Te Sigo Amando". Her voice and interpretation of these songs earned her the sobriquet of Reina de las Rancheras (Queen of Rancheras). She also performed with other Mexican singers like Vicente Fernández, Marco Antonio Solís, Ana Gabriel, and Alejandro Fernández.

What is a RAR file?

A RAR file is a compressed file format that can contain one or more files or folders inside it. It is similar to a ZIP file, but it has some advantages, such as better compression ratio, encryption, password protection, error recovery, and split archives. A RAR file can reduce the size of large files or folders and make them easier to store or transfer.

How to download the complete discography of Rocío Dúrcal in one click?

If you want to download the complete discography of Rocío Dúrcal in one click, you need to find a RAR file that contains all her albums and songs. You can search for such a file on the internet using keywords like "discografiaderociodurcalcompletarar" or "rocio durcal discografia completa rar". You might find some websites that offer this file for free or for a fee.

Before you download any RAR file from the internet, you should be careful about the source and the content of the file. Some files might be corrupted, infected with viruses, or contain illegal or inappropriate material. You should always scan any file you download with an antivirus program and check the reviews or comments from other users.

Once you have found a reliable and safe RAR file that contains the complete discography of Rocío Dúrcal, you need to download it to your device. Depending on the size of the file and your internet speed, this might take some time. After the download is complete, you need to extract the files from the RAR file using a program that can open RAR files, such as WinRAR or 7-Zip. You can then enjoy listening to all the albums and songs of Rocío Dúrcal on your device.

What are some of the awards and recognitions that Rocío Dúrcal received?

Rocío Dúrcal was not only a popular and beloved singer and actress, but also a respected and acclaimed artist who received many awards and recognitions throughout her career. Some of them are:

  • In 1966, she won the Prize of the National Syndicate of Spectacle for Best Female Star for her films Buenos días, condesita