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Traveller Level B2 Teacher S Book

How to Use Traveller Level B2 Teacher's Book in Your ESL Classroom

If you are looking for a coursebook that covers the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for B2 level, you might want to consider Traveller Level B2 Teacher's Book. This book is part of a seven-level course for teenage and young adult learners, that takes them from Beginner to Advanced level. It is designed to help you teach English in a motivating and effective way, using contemporary topics, multicultural and cross-curricular information, and a variety of communicative tasks.

Traveller Level B2 teacher s Book

In this article, we will give you some tips on how to use Traveller Level B2 Teacher's Book in your ESL classroom, and what benefits it can offer to you and your students.

What is Traveller Level B2 Teacher's Book?

Traveller Level B2 Teacher's Book is a comprehensive guide for ESL teachers who use Traveller Level B2 Student's Book in their classes. It provides detailed teaching notes, answers to all exercises, suggestions for extra activities, tests, and a CD-ROM with additional resources. It also includes a grammar reference section, culture/cross-curricular pages with web links, and songs.

Traveller Level B2 Teacher's Book follows the modular approach and is organised into eight topic-based modules. Each module consists of four units, a round-up section for revision and consolidation, and a culture/cross-curricular page. The modules cover a wide range of themes, such as travel, education, health, sports, media, environment, crime, and art.

How to Use Traveller Level B2 Teacher's Book in Your ESL Classroom?

Traveller Level B2 Teacher's Book is designed to help you plan and deliver engaging and effective lessons for your B2 level students. Here are some ways you can use it in your ESL classroom:

  • Follow the teaching notes for each unit, which include objectives, warm-up activities, presentation and practice of language skills and subskills, communicative tasks, homework assignments, and tips for dealing with common difficulties.

  • Use the workbook teacher's edition to check your students' progress and provide feedback on their work. The workbook teacher's edition contains the answers to all exercises in the workbook, as well as additional exercises for further practice.

  • Use the tests to assess your students' performance and identify areas for improvement. The tests include placement tests, module tests, progress tests, final tests, and exit tests. You can also create your own tests using the test generator on the CD-ROM.

  • Use the teacher's resource CD/CD-ROM to access extra materials for your lessons. The CD/CD-ROM includes audio files for listening activities, interactive whiteboard material for presenting and practicing language items, videos for stimulating discussion and developing critical thinking skills, and web links for further exploration of culture/cross-curricular topics.

  • Use the culture/cross-curricular pages to expose your students to different aspects of life in English-speaking countries and other cultures around the world. The pages include texts, photos, web links, and activities that encourage personal response and intercultural awareness.

  • Use the songs to add some fun and variety to your lessons. The songs are related to the topics of the modules and can be used for practicing vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, or listening skills.

What are the Benefits of Using Traveller Level B2 Teacher's Book?

Traveller Level B2 Teacher's Book can offer many benefits to you and your students. Here are some of them:

  • It helps you teach English in a way that meets the needs and interests of your students. The topics are relevant and appealing to teenage and young adult learners, and the activities are challenging and stimulating.